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- Le 24 septembre 2013


Après trois résidences de travail (de mai à août 2013) à Marseille, Monaco et Tokyo, JAPON Dance Project a présenté Le Paradis des fourmis, à L’ESDC Rosella Hightower de Cannes, les 24 et 25 août 2013 : une Création/Manifeste de ses cinq fondateurs, a feuilleté en deux actes et qui marque une étape très importante dans l’évolution de leur projet. Elle préfigure en quelque sorte, le grand rendez-vous qu’ils auront les 30 et 31 août 2014 à Tokyo.

Following three residencies (from May to August 2013) in Marseille, Monaco et Tokyo, JAPON Dance Project presented Le Paradis des fourmis at ESDC Rosella Hightower in Cannes on 24 and 25 August 2013: a Production-Manifesto by the five founders in two acts that marks a very important step in the evolution of their project, and that in some ways anticipates the major production they will present in Tokyo on 30 and 31 August 2014.

WORKING GROUP Japon Dance Project / Performing arts platform of the Logoscope

Art directors : Mimoza Koïke, Yasuyuki Endo, Masahiro Yanagimoto, Naoya Aoki, Hokuto Kodama

Responsible for communication and diplomatic relations, artistic advisor : Agnès Roux

Manager : Noriko Bonafede

“By thinking about their culture in the context of this vast globalised and localised world, JAPON Dance Project questions our relationship to this distorted sense of distance, in which the concepts of the Other and Elsewhere reflect and reinvent themselves. Caught up in our increasingly fast-paced society, these five dancer-choreographers seek out their path and their place, alone and together, through a constant process of adaptation: these Japanese are true chameleons, or quite simply eternal survivors! In this fragility (or strength), they seek to prolong History and stories…” Agnès Roux, Artistic Director of Le Logoscope

“There are many excellent dancers in the world, but I was very impressed with JAPON Dance Project’s energy. These five strong personalities – all individually superb – combine to create something truly extraordinary.” Mochizuki, New National Theatre of Japan

“This unique project brings together not only the best of Japanese contemporary dance, but takes the best of Japanese culture and showcases it on the Riviera. JAPON Dance Project’s vision for the future is to tour the world and grow its collaborators and productions.” Noriko Katayanagi-Bonafede, K.I.C. Business & Entertainment Consulting

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